Who are the Hexcavators in Shovel Knight Dig? Every new knight in the game

When Shovel Knight released, it put players up against the Order of No Quarter: a team of evil knights with their own quirks and affinities, much like Mega Man’s various robot masters. Shovel Knight Dig has its own band of six subterranean baddies known as the Hexcavators. Three of them are brand new, but even the returning faces are quite different from the last time you saw them. Here’s the full list.

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All new knights in the Hexcavators

Spore Knight

Image via Yacht Club Games

Spore Knight is the first boss you’ll face in Shovel Knight Dig, but he’s no pushover. This little guy has a bag of magic powder that creates a wave of bouncy mushrooms on the spot, and he can throw his big squishy hat like a frisbee. Mario’s pal Toad wishes he could do that.

Hive Knight

Image via Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight Dig is set underground, so a bug-loving knight was inevitable. Hive Knight adores his pet insect Fleck, so much so that attacking him will send Hive Knight into a rage. That net is pretty deadly too — don’t let him catch you, or you can say goodbye to your precious HP.

Drill Knight

Image via Yacht Club Games

Drill Knight is the sturdiest and most regal-looking member of the Hexcavators, and that makes sense since he’s the leader and the game’s final boss. Shovel Knight digs and fights with his titular shovel, while Drill Knight has high-speed tools that burrow into the the earth — he’s a perfect foil for our hero. He can even transform into a deadly spinning drill top when things get serious.

All returning knights in the Hexcavators

Mole Knight

Image via Yacht Club Games

Mole Knight has been seen in the previous Shovel Knight games, and his digging habit makes him a prefect fit here. His first appearance saw him lording over the lava-filled Lost City, but he’s switched elements since then. Now he’s a big-time swimmer, making his home in the Secret Fountain.

Tinker Knight

Image via Yacht Club Games

Tinker Knight looks virtually the same as his previous appearances, but he’s got some new inventions up his sleeve in Shovel Knight Dig. Reach the bottom of the Smeltworks, and you’ll have to face them. Turns out Tinker Knight has been busy building biplanes and a battleship that can sail across lava.

Scrap Knight

Image via Yacht Club Games

Scrap Knight debuted in Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon, so this is the first time we’re seeing her from a side-scrolling perspective. She still calls the Magic Landfill home, as she pogo-jumps around the trash heap collecting junk. The boss battle takes quite a turn when she empties the bag and draws you in — turns out the inside is a pocket dimension filled with portals.

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