Viddal Riley calls out Tommy Fury: ‘If you have aspirations of being a world champion, it would be a massive fight’ | Boxing News

Cruiserweight prospect Viddal Riley has called for a fight with Tommy Fury.

Riley, who has a substantial following on social media himself, has challenged Fury to fight him.

London’s Riley is a more established professional boxer, unbeaten in eight bouts with five of those wins coming by knockout.

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Jake Paul and Tommy Fury react to their bout in Saudi Arabia, which saw Fury come out victorious with a split decision.

But Fury, the brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and a reality television star himself, has had by far the most high-profile victory. He outpointed Jake Paul over eight rounds in their pay-per-view event last month.

That win pocketed Fury a ranking with the WBC. Riley is also rated by that sanctioning body and he has now demanded that Fury fight him.

“I’m ranked number 40, Tommy is actually ranked 38,” Riley said on his YouTube channel. “I’ve seen him say in multiple interviews: ‘My goal is to be a world champion’.

“He preaches that he wants to be a world champion. I am not currently world championship quality. I have the potential to be – and I will get there – but as it stands I’m not.

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Viddal Riley extends his perfect record after Anees Taj suffers a gruesome cut to eye.

“So if you have aspirations of being a world champion, as do I, we are close in ranking, it would be a massive fight, the people would turn out. People would turn out for you. People would turn out for me. If that’s your aspiration, why look anywhere else?

“What are you saying?

“Otherwise,” he added, “stop the speech about the world champion thing and just say that you’re going to move up the Youtubers and make your money.

“If that’s the case, then that’s the case. But if you’re aspiring for the same thing I’m aspiring for, and the rankings get released like this, shout out ‘The Rilest.'”

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Viddal Riley says he was happy to be tested following his win over Anees Taj.

He’s not however expecting Fury to take him up on this offer.

“I’ve mentioned [his] name multiple times and I’ve never heard a response which can only be for one reason,” Riley said.

“I’ve always said I’m going to be a world champion, I’m going to reach the top and you don’t go from zero or not recognised to number one. There’s a process. The fact that I’m now ranked number 40 in the world with a professional boxing governing body means that I am en route.

“It means that the journey has begun. It’s far from over but it’s definitely begun.”

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