NHL announces potential schedules for Stanley Cup Final

The NHL released two potential schedules for the Stanley Cup Final following the Dallas Stars Game 4 win over the Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday.

The Florida Panthers have already booked their spot, and will await the winner of the Golden Knights-Stars series which the Golden Knights lead 3-1.

Watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs on Sportsnet

The quest for the greatest trophy in sports happens on Sportsnet. Fans can watch and stream every single game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs every night on Sportsnet and SN NOW.

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Because both the Stars and Golden Knights finished with a higher regular-season point total than the Panthers, the eventual winner of the Western Conference Final will host Games 1 and 2 of the Stanley Cup Final.

If the Golden Knights win the Western Conference Final in five games, Game 1 of the 2023 Stanley Cup Final will be on Wednesday, May 31. If the Western Conference Final is decided in six or seven games, Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final will be on Saturday, June 3.

The full schedule for both scenarios can be found below.

All games will be on Sportsnet and CBC beginning at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. A 30-minute Hockey Central will lead in on Sportsnet at 7:30 p.m. ET before every game.

If Vegas wins Game 5 of Western Conference Final:

Game 1 Wednesday, May 31st Florida @ Vegas

Game 2 Saturday, June 3rd Florida @ Vegas

Game 3 Monday, June 5th Vegas @ Florida

Game 4 Thursday, June 8th Vegas @ Florida

Game 5 Saturday, June 10th Florida @ Vegas

Game 6 Tuesday, June 13th Vegas @ Florida

Game 7 Friday, June 16th Florida @ Vegas

If Dallas Wins Game 5 of Western Conference Final:

Game 1 Saturday, June 3rd Florida @ Vegas/Dallas

Game 2 Monday, June 5th Florida @ Vegas/Dallas

Game 3 Thursday, June 8th Vegas/Dallas @ Florida

Game 4 Saturday, June 10th Vegas/Dallas @ Florida

Game 5 Tuesday, June 13th Florida @ Vegas/Dallas

Game 6 Friday, June 16th Vegas/Dallas @ Florida

Game 7 Monday, June 19th Florida @ Vegas/Dallas

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