John Fetterman summarizes Mehmet Oz’s entire existence with a simple phrase

When asked about abortion rights, Oz literally said that he wanted the choice concerning abortion and women’s health to be made between “women, doctors, and local political leaders.” Read that back to yourself. Then watch it. 

Other things Oz would like you to discuss with your “local political leaders” may include: 

  • Who you have a child with.
  • Whether or not you can use contraception
  • Mammograms!

One of the many things Fetterman had going for him is that he is not Mehmet Oz. Oz’s fast-talking, polished style that oozes the kind of hucksterism you might only find in the dictionary next to the word “inauthentic,” allowed Fetterman to simply point out that the fast-talking guy saying all of the crazy things was lying.

A reminder of which person had courage tonight and which guy was is a snake oil salesman.


Here’s a good summation of the night.


And another reminder.


And something to keep in mind as you look about the inter webs for news.


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