Jimmy Kimmel calls Dr. Oz ‘phony,’ shares story Oz once told him about Trump

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Referring to people asking him if he saw what Trump said this past weekend, Kimmel said:

“I got no texts. She [Kimmel’s wife] got a lot of them. Turns out Fiberace gave me a shout-out during one of his blue-collar comedy tours,” Kimmel said. “And I have to say, sometimes it feels like he doesn’t like me that much.”

He continued: “Our show is so dead he’s gonna bury it next to his ex-wife at one of his golf courses. That’s how dead this … You know what’s dead? I’ll tell you what’s dead. All those endangered animals your chinless son shot. That’s what dead. You know what’s dead? The look in your wife’s eyes when you beg her for sex on your birthday.”

Calling out Trump’s role in The Apprentice, he said:

“And I will say, in January our show will have been on for 20 years. You got kicked out after four. I’m on television, you’re on the toilet at your golf club screaming at yours.”

Trump’s comments follow Kimmel admitting that some Trump jokes cost him viewers. “Ten years ago, among Republicans, I was the most popular talk show host,” Kimmel said on the Phil Rosenthal-David Wild podcast Naked Lunch. “At least according to the research they did.”

But calling out Trump directly is not all Kimmel did. He also shared a story GOP Senate candidate Oz and his wife told him some years back that criticized Trump. According to the story, Trump allegedly pushed an older woman into the pool during one of his parties. Then instead of helping her, he allegedly laughed. What provoked this gesture? The woman supposedly asked Trump how she looked and he mentioned thinking she looked better “wet.”

Kimmel shared the story to not only put out how crazy Trump is but to call out Oz for being fake. He said that while Oz and his wife were disgusted by Trump at the time, they now act like they are close and the two endorse each other.

Of course, this story isn’t the only one in which Kimmel has shed light on Oz’s reality. A 2009 clip of Oz telling Kimmel an anecdote about trying to stab his sister in the head with a needle also resurfaced recently. 

In it, Oz said he was “fascinated” by needles as a child and used to find needles in the desk of his father, a physician. He noted that while he would use the needles to poke holes in oranges to extract the juice, he one time became interested in poking his sister as well.

“And one day I noticed my sister’s head had little pores in it too. And I still remember, I swear, watching her head from behind,” Oz told Kimmel. “I threw it in there, and it didn’t go in. The skull got in the way. I got no brain — I got nothing back.”

Watch the entire segment of Kimmel calling out Trump and Oz below.

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