Someone has listed all the kinks of the Overwatch 2 heroes, and it’s probably horribly accurate

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We’ve been working out quite a lot about Overwatch 2 since it launched earlier in the month. Our guides team has put a lot of effort into figuring out who the best Overwatch 2 heroes are, for example, and we’ve been thinking long and hard about how the game does (and doesn’t) deal with loot boxes.

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Just think how good Zarya’s ripped arms look in 4K60.

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But with over 25 million players under its belt, there’s one thing we know for sure about Overwatch 2: people are horny for it. They always have been for this series, and the launch of the new game is once again making people lick their lips and surreptitiously open an incognito browser on their PC once they’ve finished a particularly stressful game of Escort, or something.

So we know what we’re into. Bashing out ‘collared twink’ might basically be muscle memory for you, by this point. But have you ever stopped to consider what the cast of Overwatch 2 themselves might search, when opening up their dating apps and searching for good matches, or preparing for some alone time with their dexterous digits?

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Wonder no more. Because a Twitter artist called Darkmode Proxy has made a tier list that collects all the currently-available heroes and considers what each of them might get up to when they need a little relief.

Overwatch hero kinks, fight me

— Darkmode Proxy (@darkmodeproxy) October 23, 2022
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Looking down the list, a lot of it makes sense, right? Torbjorn probably only started making mechs so they could ‘take over’ for him in the bedroom and he’d get off on being left out. Solider 76 absolutely, 100% wears very fancy underwear under that costume. Junker Queen demands people perform acts of vulgar carnality for her as she sits on her throne and watches with a smirk. Sigma gets his feet out for people and makes them enjoy it. You can tell from that nasty ass grin plastered across his face.

And the furries? Come on, it’s obvious; no one wears fox gear all the time like that and doesn’t own a tail that doesn’t just clip onto your belt, or something. Isn’t that right, Kiriko?

This is 2021; we think Overwatch has shot up again since this data.

It’s no secret that video game porn runs rampant; the picture embedded in this artcile is an official graph from the Pornhub Insights team that shows just how much demand there is for pornographic content based on some of our most beloved franchises.

Overwatch has long been a particular target for horny artists and cosplay enthusiasts – once upon a time, you couldn’t move on adult parts of the internet without a Tracer, Widowmaker, Ashe or Cassidy popping up to say hello. Solider 76 has become something of a gay icon, too, since Blizzard confirmed he was part of the LGBTQ+ family.

The tier list we’ve embedded here is a silly bit of fun, yes, but also nodes towards something greater about Overwatch; that it’s a game that makes communities come together (no pun intended). Whether it’s with Tracer and Solider 76, flying the flag for queers the world over, or Sigma and his foot thing, Overwatch 2 is a nice reminder that you can rock the character that represents whatever you believe in safely in an online space.

Even if what you believe in is *checks notes* watersports.


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