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Dhaka: The moon of the holy month of Shaban of 1444 Hijri was seen in the sky of the country. As a result, the month of Shaban will start next Wednesday (February 22).

As such, on the night of March 7, the Holy Shabbat will be celebrated.

This decision was taken at the meeting of the National Moon Sighting Committee at the meeting hall of Islamic Foundation in Baitul Mukarram on Tuesday (February 21). It was presided over by the State Minister of Religion. Faridul Haque Khan.

Islamic Foundation Director General (Additional Secretary) read the announcement on behalf of the State Minister. Maha. Bashirul Alam

In the meeting, after reviewing the information received from all the district administrations, Islamic Foundation head office, divisional and district offices, Bangladesh Meteorological Department and Space Research and Remote Sensing Institute about the sighting of the moon in the holy month of Shaban in the year 1444 Hijri, it can be seen that today 29 Rajab 1444 Hijri, 8 Falgun 1429 Bangabd, 21 February 2023 AD. On Tuesday evening, there was news of the sighting of the moon of the holy month of Shaban in the sky of Bangladesh. In this situation, next 9 Falgun 1429 Bangabd, 22 February 2023 AD. The counting of the holy month of Shaban of 1444 Hijri will start from Wednesday. In this context, the next 14 Shaban 1444 Hijri, 22 Falgun 1429 Bangabd, 7 March 2023 AD. Holy Shabbat will be celebrated on Tuesday night.

Bangladesh Time: 2140 hours, February 21, 2023

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