Haturu wants to take advantage of the house soil

Earlier, Chandika Hathurusinghe served as the head coach of Bangladesh cricket team for more than 3 years. Then he got several offers to return from Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) at different times. Finally, he returned to take a new challenge in view of the upcoming ODI World Cup. Hathurusinghe said that he wants to give something to Bangladesh cricket from the experience he has now and his main goal is to win the match. As a coach in the first phase, he made spin-assisted wickets at home and brought success.

This time he indicated to do something different with talented pacers. However, he announced, above all, to use their own strength and own plans. Because he thinks, if there are no missiles, then there should be guerilla warfare against the enemy. That’s why you want to take advantage of the house. Denying the issue of conflict with senior cricketers last time, Hathurusinghe also said that he will check the cricketers against England like his own. He said these things in the official press conference in Mirpur on Wednesday.
Regarding becoming the coach of Bangladesh in the second round, Hathurusinghe said, ‘I have followed Bangladesh cricket regularly. Players, officials have also contacted me at different times and situations. Cricket in Bangladesh has always been my favorite place. Because this was my first international assignment. The thought of returning was therefore in the corner of my mind. But I didn’t think I would return so soon. But during the last T20 World Cup, many issues were discussed in the meeting with the President and some officials.

Then it seemed that since the 50-over World Cup was coming up, it was the right time to return. Several senior players are doing great for Bangladesh cricket. They will surely be remembered as a very good generation. On the other hand, many good young cricketers have also emerged. Being a part of such a challenge has motivated me to come back.’ Hathurusinghe feels that as a coach there is always pressure of expectation.

However, Haturu said about his work, ‘Coaches are always under pressure to make the team better. We all have expectations as a nation because the World Cup is going to be held in India. We have to make sure that the key players are fit and healthy. If we can achieve that, we can definitely make a good push in the World Cup.
Earlier, there were many incidents of conflicts with senior cricketers. But Hathurusinghe said, ‘I will monitor the players in this series. I will see what their process is like. I rely on other coaching staff and team leaders to provide adequate information. I have never been challenged by any player before. The question goes absolutely. I had no grudge against any player.

I enjoyed it.’ This experienced coach wants to give something to the Bangladesh team. He said, ‘Now I know a lot about the type of cricket activities in Bangladesh. I know about myself and I am very experienced. I don’t just want to try to win matches for Bangladesh, but that is my main goal. I want to give something back and leave something behind.’ Hathurusinghe has been successful in last time’s duty on home soil by making spin-aided wickets and trusting the spinners. He still aims to work according to the advantages of the soil at home.

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