8 Bangladeshis arrested including Saudi embassy officials – Channel i online

The Saudi authorities have arrested several Bangladeshi citizens including two officials of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Dhaka for their involvement in illegal visa business.

Saudi media Al Arabiya reported that the two Saudi nationals arrested on corruption charges are Abdullah Falah Mudi Al-Shamari, head of the embassy’s consular department, and his deputy, Khaled Nasser Ayed Al-Qahtani.

According to the Saudi anti-corruption agency Najaha, illegal money, gold and luxury cars were found in the homes of these two arrested officials. They admitted to being involved in the illegal visa trade while on duty.

Apart from the two embassy officials, two officials of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior, eight Bangladeshis and a Palestinian investor were allegedly involved in the corruption scheme.

The total amount of bribe taken in illegal visa corruption activities is about 54 million Saudi Riyals or 154 crore taka.

Two employees of Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry have been arrested for allegedly forcing a foreign investor to sign a $6.1 million financial commitment in exchange for 60,000 Saudi riyals from an investor.

Among the citizens outside Saudi Arabia, Palestinian investor Saleh Mohammed Saleh Al Shalout was initially arrested in this incident. Subsequently, after further investigation, the Bangladeshi residents arrested include Ashraf Uddin Aknad, Alamgir Hossain Khan, Shafiq Alislam Shah Jahan. who were working as an organized group.

Also, the Saudi authorities have arrested the owner of a recruiting agency in Dhaka, Mohammad Naser Uddin Noor, Zayed Ucid Mafi, Abul Kalam Mohammad Rafiq Al Islam, Aziz Alhaq Muslim Uddin, Alamin Khan and Shahid Allah Khan, on charges of illegal visa trade and money laundering outside Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption agency Najaha also said that anyone who abuses public office for personal gain or harming the public interest will be prosecuted.

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