Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) Update 1.54 Vampirism Rework Log and Patch Notes

The new Vampirism REWORKED Update 1.54 for Your Bizarre Adventure will be released on March 17th, 2023! There are a ton of other bug fixes, content additions, and balancing done to the game that you can read all about in the update log. This is a big patch, so make sure to pay attention what was added so that you can take full advantage!

If any new freebies are added, you can find them on our YBA Codes page! The below patch notes were released via the official Discord server, and have been slightly reformatted.

Vampirism REWORKED

  • 6 new/reworked abilities
  • New skill tree
  • Vampire Race adjusted:

adjusted healing stats
running speed & dash power now increased scaling with Blood bar

  • Umbrella items now prioritizes your fighting-style abilities
  • New Spawnable Item: Lucky Stone Mask
    • Gives you an Umbrella skin upon usage
  • Stone Mask usage visuals revamped

Trade Hub

  • Brand new Game-Mode with custom Map designed specifically for Trading & hanging out
  • Can be accessed at Prestige 3+ inside the Play Screen
  • Servers up to 50 players & has its own Voice Chat only servers
  • Claim “Trading Booths” to advertise and view inventories

2 NEW 1v1/2v2 Maps

  • San Giorgio Maggiore Basement
  • Windknight’s Lot

Changes & Fixes

  • Updated Play-Screen which includes:

Main Game & Game Modes Selection UI’s (User Interface)
Credits UI
Help UI
Added Depth of Field Blur

  • Updated Character Menu Frame which includes: Character Menu Frame Stats Changes & Additions:
    • Replaced Max Health w/ Health which displays both current & max health
    • Join Date
    • Play Time (unfortunately this is a brand new Data so it won’t count your play time before the update)
    • Ragdoll Sturdiness
    • Block Power
    • Dash Power
    • Health Regen
    • Walk Speed
    • Experience
    • Physical Defense

Updated Physical Defense skill tree nodes’ descriptions (Tough Skin, Hamon Defense, etc)

  • Map Changes:
    Map Optimizations – less lag
    More Street Lamps
    Added funny posters in some buildings
  • Multiple dashes will now stack instead of awkwardly stopping the latest dash (has to be used after another instantly) Examples:
    • Dashing & Ice Skating
    • Dashing & Boxing Shuffle
    • Dashing & Crescent Slice
    • all other dashes
  • Edited Cryokinesis:
    Now proc’s with Fighting-Style ice abilities
  • VIP Server commands:
    Fixed Server Lock (locks server so new players cant join can be untoggled)
    Added Spectate Player
    Added Give Player VIP
  • Reworked the following Stands’ idles & summons
    Star Platinum
    Star Platinum: The World
    King Crimson Requiem
    The World
    The World: Alternate Universe
    Crazy Diamond
  • Your character width & head scale will no longer be auto set to default however your Proportions, Body-Type & height scale will still auto set to default to prevent your character hitbox from being too small/big
  • New model+visuals+sounds for most Skill Trees
  • Revamped Trade UI visually
  • New Hover+Click Visuals+Sounds for UI’s
  • Fixed Mobile stand summon breaking when you summon stand while stunned/ragdolled
  • Hopefully fixed Mobile buttons sometimes not appearing
  • New Idle animation for Pluck
  • Added little hover hint to Fighting-Style skill tree button
  • Fixed White Album users missing body when they summon their stand & it gets canceled from a Stand Desummon (ragdolls)
  • Fixed not gaining Stand Rage when hit by true damage
  • Added more noticeable windup indicator to Flash Freeze


Increased max ice duration
Increased max bleed dmg

  • Ice Sweeps
    now dashes per kick
    no knockback
  • Moisture Plunder no longer hits ragdoll victims
  • Friction Plunder now has hyper armor
  • Increased Bubble Prison windup
  • Vision Plunder
    Stun less
    Now slows for blind duration
  • Fleet Footwork’s basic attack speed buff is slightly less & caps at 70% max bar
  • Increased Haymaker’s CD
  • Reduced Knuckle Sandwich damage
  • Nerfed Lethal Tempo’s basic attack speed buff
  • Reduced Luck & Pluck damage
  • Buffed Hamon Charge speed, nerfed drain, reduced slow
  • Reduced Stone Free’s skill tree
  • String Pilot:
    no longer goes after ragdolled players
    Reduced CD
    faster windup & string speeds
  • Increased String Lasso max range
  • Victims of Conquerors Will now wake up after being damaged for 40% max HP

You can checkout some of the update’s features in the video below:

The EST Team works very carefully and the latest news reaches you.

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