World of Warships Rolls Out Update 12.4: Arrival of European Destroyers and More

The latest update 12.4 to World of Warships brings an array of changes to enhance player experience. Chief among these is the arrival of European destroyers, the reintroduction of the Convoy battle type, the addition of Pan-American cruisers to the tech tree, and the much-requested feature of repeated battle entry.

In the spotlight of update 12.4 are the European destroyers, making their debut in early access. The update also commemorates this with a revamped Fjords port. These destroyers boast high-explosive shells and swift torpedoes, albeit with short range and lower damage. The ships also feature a respectable health pool, but bear higher detectability and slower speeds. As of Tier VIII, these vessels will have access to a Surveillance Radar in a unique slot.

Players can acquire these new destroyers through sequential bundles, exchanged for a temporary resource called European Tokens. Apart from obtaining themed permanent camouflages for Tier VIII and above ships, players can secure Tier V, VI, and VII ships — Muavenet, Stord, and Grom respectively. The top reward of the Premium Pass is the Tier VIII ship Split. Additionally, after opening all sequential bundles available for European Tokens, the Tier X ship Gdańsk can be purchased for Doubloons.

Update 12.4 also revives the popular Convoy battle type. This third iteration comes with considerable improvements and now supports 12 vs. 12 matches for Tier VIII to Tier X ships. The Convoy battle type requires teams to either safeguard or annihilate the enemy, with the teams allocated randomly. The Convoy has also expanded to include the Haven map and a total of seven maps. In terms of bot behavior, transport bots have been upgraded to adjust their speed to dodge torpedoes, a departure from the previous version where bots only changed course.

Another significant addition in this update is the inclusion of Pan-American cruisers in the Tech Tree. These ships, armed with 152mm guns and armor-piercing shells with enhanced ricochet angles, also feature an auxiliary source of damage through their torpedoes. Starting from Tier VI, these cruisers have an innovative attribute called Combat Instructions that reduces the cooldown of consumables, providing a strategic advantage.

One of the most anticipated features introduced in this update is the ability to re-enter a battle with the same ship that was destroyed in the previous fight without waiting for it to end. This modification means players can engage in combat more frequently and hasten their progress.

Alongside these changes, World of Warships has revamped the notifications system in update 12.4, segregating them into three permanent blocks: Battle Results, Inventory, and Other. A temporary block will show notifications related to game updates. Furthermore, a new type of emergency message, including administration notifications, information about server reboots, and technical works, has been introduced.

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