War Thunder Halloween Event 2022: New Spooky Decals and Modded Vehicle Races

Image: War Thunder

Halloween is coming to War Thunder this spooky season, with evil creatures swarming the lands and the skies. During this Halloween event, players can earn decals and trophies and participants in two events from October 28 until November 1.

War Thunder revealed details on the Halloween event in an official post, and we’ve included the information below. Be sure to check out our War Thunder section for more great content!

War Thunder Halloween Event 2022

Event Duration

The War Thunder Halloween Event will run from 15:00 GMT on October 28 until 07:00 GMT on November 1. 

New Halloween Decals from the “Dead Man’s Chest”

New Halloween Decals From The Dead Mans Chest War Thunder Image

There are four new Halloween decals that will be available during this event and include the following:

  • “Eye Of Fire” decal
  • “Snail from the Hell” decal
  • “Witch snail” decal
  • “Snail killer” decal

The “Dead Man’s Chest” and “Witch’s Cauldron” trophies will be available for purchase in the in-game store. Players can open these to unlock various Halloween decals and decorations.

Ground event: “Armour race on a dark path.”

For this event, special modifications have been made to the M18. The new M18 “Witch” is beautiful and much faster than the original, making it the perfect tank for this devilish competition. 

Players achieving 300 rating points in races will receive one of the creepy new decals from the Dead Man’s Chest! Please note that your rating depends on the position in which you finished the race.

Aircraft event: “Witch Hunt.”

The Po-2 has also received a special modification and is now the Po-2 “Night Witch.” Achieve 300 rating points to get a unique decal from the Dead Man’s Chest. 

Please note that your rating depends on the position in which you finished the race. Whatsmore is that once the air races have finished, the top 1,000 pilots will permanently receive the unique Po-2 biplane. The vehicles will be awarded during the 48-hour period after the Halloween event ends.

To check your progress, click on the “award button” under the “event” tab. It may take up to 15 minutes for the record table to update. 

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