Tower Defense brawler Bish Bash Bots announced for 2023

Bish Bash Bots, an upcoming blend of casual tower defense and brawlers from developer CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD and publisher Firestoke, has just been announced with a new gameplay overview trailer.

Bish Bash Bots doesn’t have a release date yet, and even vague terms like “soon” or “later” haven’t been used, but it’s expected sometime this year. The game’s official website notes that it will be available on PC via Steam, the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, though gens haven’t been specified.

You can watch the new announcement trailer for Bish Bash Bots on CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD’s official YouTube channel:

The entire attitude of Bish Bash Bots is absolutely spot on, with an adorable art design for its world and characters, upbeat music and a wholesome coziness. It has a childhood spark to it, like the pure imagination of a backyard, or a Saturday morning cartoon.

Bish Bash Bots is willing to indulge larger-than-life settings and enemies, which makes it much more accessible. It essentially feels like a simplified and arcade-style riff on The Mitchells vs the Machines, which is always worth a nod.

The graphics look very clean, with minimalist and friendly environments that seem just creative and distinguishable enough to promote some actual strategy for your tower defense. The Steam page also mentions that the enemies will have some neat mechanics. They have dynamic navigation and interesting physics, as they can be freely pushed around.

However, Bish Bash Bots does feel like an introductory tower defense game, and those who aren’t looking for something so casual may be disappointed. There are hardly overwhelming hordes, and the mechanics don’t appear to be too complex. Supporting both local and online co-op, this one strictly seems like a family game.

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