Timberborn’s Fourth Content Update Now Available

Timberborn, the environmental harmony and creativity-centered game from Polish developer Mechanistry, takes another step closer to its full release from Early Access with its fourth major content update. The update is accessible now on PC and Mac via platforms including Steam, GOG, and Epic Game Store.

Timberborn offers players the challenge of managing their colony amidst a looming drought. The game combines lumberpunk technology and the players’ ingenuity to outwit nature’s hardships and ensure the colony’s survival. Players can construct dams and reroute rivers to create reservoirs, utilize natural elements like wind and currents for powering their cities, modify landscapes to their advantage, and build extensive vertical communities through stackable architecture.

The latest update, Update 4, expands the game’s building possibilities, introducing boundary-less districts and enhancing the performance with an up to 80% increase in framerates. These improvements facilitate the creation of larger colonies with ease.

Among the new features, Update 4 introduces novel aspects of agriculture specifically for the Iron Teeth faction, including crops like Kohlrabi, Canola, Cassava, Soybean, Corn, Eggplant, and Coffee Beans. The update also brings new exclusive buildings for the faction, such as the Fermenter, Oil Press, Hydroponic Garden, Food Factory, and Coffee Brewery.

Moreover, Update 4 redefines the distribution system between districts, enabling a more effective sharing of resources across numerous districts. The update also adds new monuments and a new map for players to explore.

The improvements extend to the game’s performance as well, with faster load times and an increase of up to 80% in framerates. This enhancement offers players a smoother experience while they prepare their beaver societies for recurring droughts, stockpile food and water, and build increasingly complex and tall structures. The game also encourages players to mold the landscape, creating lakes and ponds to sustain their burgeoning lumberpunk empire.

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