Terraria announces Dead Cells crossover with 1.4.5 update in 2023

Terraria, the acclaimed adventure and sandbox game that has remained popular since its launch over a decade ago, has just announced its 1.4.5 update is planned for a 2023 release. The update will include a crossover event with Dead Cells, the beloved metroidvania from Motion Twin. Here’s the big announcement from Terraria developer Re-Logic:

Although the new update has been revealed, the official post today carefully adds that work has not yet begun on it. The Terraria team will start working on the game next year, beginning with hotfixes for 1.4.4, and only then will they move onto 1.4.5.

As a result, fans shouldn’t expect the big update anytime in early 2023. You will probably have to wait until Q2 or even Q3. Consequently, there aren’t any further details about the update, aside from the big partnership itself.

The only hint from the devs is that they’re aiming for crossplay, which is a big and complicated leap for any title, however small. It won’t necessarily be part of the 1.4.5 update, but it’s certainly a goal for 2023.

Both Terraria and Dead Cells have proven to have remarkable legs over the years, maintaining interest with a loyal fanbase and robust content.

It’s always rewarding to see indie games supporting each other, especially veteran titles that deserve to be celebrated. And just yesterday, Dead Cells held another crossover event with the hidden gem Risk of Rain, adding the Commando and their Laser Glaive:

However, that hasn’t stopped Dead Cells from introducing its own original content. Although it rolled out a while ago, The Queen and the Sea DLC was released last January to strong praise from fans, including a memorable boss and other fresh content:

The potential between these two is basically limitless, so we’re perfectly fine waiting for these indie stars to take their time and do the crossover justice. You can read more about Terraria, Dead Cells, and other indie games by following our news section!

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