Tears of the Kingdom – All Yiga Clan Hideout Locations in TotK

The Yiga Clan resurges in Tears of the Kingdom, lurking in the shadows to strike when least expected. Whether they deceive you as a desperate wanderer or soar above in their lethal Zonai creations, confronting the Yiga is a formidable challenge. However, the spoils for conquering their three hideouts and infiltrating their main base are immeasurable. Join us as we unveil the locations of all three hideouts and unravel the secrets to breach the Yiga stronghold.

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Akkala Yiga Hideout Location in TotK

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The first hideout is in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in the northeastern region of the map. Upon reaching the lab’s summit, interact with the door to confront a pair of Yiga warriors. Overcome them and proceed through the door to the first floor, where an NPC will reward the Yiga Tunic.

Great Plains Yiga Hideout Location in TotK

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The second hideout awaits at a fortified camp northwest of Lake Hylia. The camp is conspicuous, surrounded by spikes. Reach it either by gliding or constructing a bridge using available resources. Upon arrival, defeat the enemies and locate another NPC who will give up the Yiga Mask.

Hillside Yiga Hideout Location in ToK

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The third hideout can be found within the cave of the Yiga Clan Division, west of the Great Hyrule Forest. Descend to the deepest section of the cave, and face two additional Yiga adversaries. Next, look upward and identify a distinct ceiling area with a central hole. Finally, use the Ascend ability to climb up and speak with the tailor, who will provide the Yiga Tights.

How to Infiltrate the Yiga Main Base in ToK

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With the full set, head to the Yiga Main Base to start and complete Infiltrating the Yiga Clan. There’s a series of clothes, fruit, and blueprint vendors — or smugglers, to be fair — to trade with. 

But at the end of the main base, the final trial awaits. In the final room, speak to the Yiga Blademaster to unlock the most entertaining whack-a-Yiga minigame in Tears of the Kingdom. 100 rupees are required to play after the first try, and will reward the following depending on your performance: 

  • Yiga enemies defeated: Yiga Paraglider Fabric
  • Yiga enemies defeated: Yiga Earthwake Technique
  • Yiga enemies defeated: Thunder Helm

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