Sword of the Sea, from the Creators of Journey, Announced for PlayStation 5

“Sword of the Sea”, the latest creation from the visionary behind such acclaimed games as ABZÛ, The Pathless, and Journey, was officially introduced during the 2024 PlayStation Showcase. This unique adventure is slated for release on PlayStation 5, though the exact date remains undisclosed.

Set against the surreal backdrop of the Necropolis, players in “Sword of the Sea” embark on a quest to reveal an ocean lost in time, abundant with life. The game offers an innovative spin on the adventure genre, where players traverse undulating landscapes that behave more like the ebb and flow of a vast sea than solid ground.

To navigate this distinctive world, players wield the Hoversword, a device that combines the agility and dynamism of a skateboard, the glide of a snowboard, and the futuristic buoyancy of a hoverboard. As players master their momentum, they can achieve high speeds and soaring jumps while exploring the remains of ancient ruins akin to intricate skateparks, submerged in the forgotten tides of the Necropolis of the Gods. The Hoversword, thus, not only propels the character forward but also encapsulates the essence of snowboarding and skating games within an adventure context.

As the resurrected Wraith, players shoulder the responsibility of restoring life to this desolate world. This involves journeying through sunken tombs, shipwrecks steeped in mystery, and petrified battlefields. As they navigate these domains, players can repopulate the marine ecosystem by bringing back shoals of fish and other aquatic creatures.

However, the landscape of “Sword of the Sea” is not devoid of threats. Massive leviathans lurk within this land, serving as formidable opponents to the Wraith’s noble mission. This element of danger adds an intriguing layer of challenge to the game, ensuring that “Sword of the Sea” is as engaging as it is innovative.

“Sword of the Sea” promises a unique fusion of action and exploration, drawing upon familiar elements from sporting games while offering a fresh adventure context.

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