RPG sim My Time at Sandrock sets June Open Beta, explains multiplayer and plans

My Time at Sandrock, the casual indie RPG and simulation game from developer Pathea Games, has followed up on their recent multiplayer post. In a new blog post on Steam, the devs have elaborated on their tough choices, announced a new Open Beta for June, and gave close details on the gameplay loop fans should expect in the final release.

Image: Pathea Games

There was recently quite a big response for Pathea Games’ decision to remove the entire story completely from their upcoming, free multiplayer mode. However, the devs have directly addressed those concerns today, and such open communication should always be praised.

The devs cited the need for more resources and time, since multiplayer only began development years after the base game and the coding was a major obstacle.

It’s appreciated that Pathea Games has apologized to fans over some messy developments and delays, agreed with them, and remain open minded to potential additions “later down the road”. You can watch the recent multiplayer preview video on My Time at Sandrock’s official YouTube channel:

Today’s new post elaborated on the gameplay loop and MMO elements. Players will access a permanently live server with their own inventory and interactions, with a focus on 4-player town building in a sandbox setting. The historic story and older characters such as Howlett and Email, who were specifically mentioned, may still show up “later on”.

This is now the version expected to show up in the full launch. It’s unfortunate that the story, which is a central highlight of the base game, will be absent. But despite all of the previous complications, it does seem pretty expansive. Since this version will also show up in June’s beta test, it does give players a chance to continue providing feedback.

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