Roots of Pacha restored to Steam following major dispute

Roots of Pacha, a new Stone Age-themed RPG and sim game from developer Soda Den, can finally be purchased on Steam again. The Steam page went offline just weeks ago due to a dispute between the developer and publisher Crytivo.

Roots of Pacha originally launched on April 25th, 2023. Both Crytivo and Soda Den released an identical statement on their socials to update fans about the restored Steam page. Here’s the image from the game’s official tweet:

Image: Soda Den / Crytivo

The two entities seem to have finally shaken hands, and today’s shared statement carefully acknowledges the work and value of either team. Overall, it’s a satisfying conclusion to a tense and complex situation, as players will finally get access after all.

Both the publisher and developer communicated directly with the fans, and have clearly agreed they were the priority. This should help smooth things over as both teams move forward.

Legality and miscommunication are among the most frustrating and frequent challenges in development, but it’s always a shame when fans aren’t able to invest in a title they’ve waited for and supported for so long. Indie games are an underdog to begin with, so it can be even more frustrating when anything disrupts their release.

Hopefully, fans continue to rally around Roots of Pacha. Although it does borrow from the likes of Stardew Valley, its visuals and music are highly thematic and distinguishable.

The context allows for neat little twists on familiar mechanics, such as the opportunity to discover early Human inventions. Further, the multiplayer support is both unexpected and expansive for such a small game. We recently reviewed the full game, and you can check out the original launch trailer on the Roots of Pacha YouTube channel:

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