Roblox Super Golf Codes [Trading] (March 2023)

Super Golf is an outstanding Roblox game that has you playing miniature golf in wacky courses with a bunch of different players. Each player controls a ball and tries to hit it into the hole with the least amount of strokes. After 18 holes, the scores are tallied and the person with the least amount of strokes is the winner! The challenge comes from attempting to navigate that crazy layouts of each hole, so be ready for a bit of frustration, because a lot of them can be quite difficult!

You can use the rewards from our Super Golf codes list to customize your golf ball with crazy skins, and you will also get coins which you can use to purchase hats, effects, cheers, colors, and perks!

All Super Golf Codes

  • TRADING – Redeem code for a Skin Chest (NEW)
  • NEWCHESTS!!! – Redeem code for a Hat Chest (NEW)
  • SKETCH – Redeem code for a Sketch Ball
  • TENPOLE – Redeem code for Hat Chest
  • RBB3 – Redeem code for Skin Chest
  • 200k_likes_omg – Redeem code for Hat Chest
  • SPOOKYTIME – Redeem code for Skin Chest
  • 2NDBDAYCAKE – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • 2NDBDAYCANDLE – Redeem code for Free Rewards
  • DIMENSIONMAP – Redeem code for Skin Chest
  • SUMMER2022 – Redeem code for Hat Chest
  • THX_FOR_100M – Redeem code for 100 Million Halo
  • SPRINGSEASON2022 – Redeem code for a free reward
  • GAMEMODES – Redeem code for a Hat Chest
  • 150k_likes! – Redeem code for an Effect Chest
  • FIXRANDOMSPAWNS – Redeem code for disables random spawns for you only
  • REWRITE – Redeem code for a Skin Chest
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS! – Redeem code for a Skin Chest
  • BIGTHINGSCOMING – Redeem code for a Hat Chest
  • WELCOMEBACK – Redeem code for a Hard Hat
  • FACILITY – Redeem code for a Hat Chest
  • HAPPYBIRTHDAY1 – Redeem code for a Cake Skin
  • HAPPYBIRTHDAY2 – Redeem code for the Year One Candle Hat
  • GROVE – Redeem code for a Ball Chest
  • bloxy – Redeem code for the Bloxy Wings Hat
  • denis – Redeem code for the Sir Meow Hat
  • KADEN – Redeem code for the Cat’s Eye Skin
  • FLAMINGO – Redeem code for the Cleetus Skin

Find codes for a bunch of other games in our Roblox Games Codes page.


  • HAPPYNEWYEARS2020 – Coal ball
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS – Snowflake Cheer
  • SURPRISE – Free Coins
  • haunted – Free Gems
  • SPOOKY – Free Reward
  • tonsofcoins – 250 Coins
  • freeskin – Ball Chest
  • FREEGEMS – 50 Gems
  • RELEASE – 250 Coins

Super Golf FAQs

How do you redeem codes in Super Golf?

All you have to do is head into Super Golf and look for the Twitter button on the bottom of the screen. Click on it and this will open up the code redemption window. Copy one of the codes from our list, paste it into the box, and hit redeem to receive your reward!How to redeem a code in Super Golf

How do I get more codes for Super Golf?

To find more codes, make sure to follow NosniyRBLX on Twitter, who is the developer of the game. Otherwise, we will be updating this wiki with all of the most recent codes, so make sure to bookmark the page!

Those are all of the codes we currently have listed for Roblox Super Golf. If you see one that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments so we can add it right away!

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