Risk of Rain Returns reveals a new game mode called Providence Trials, and a highly-anticipated Survivor

Risk of Rain Returns is a remastered version of the original 2013 game from Hopoo Games. The remastered version will have updated graphics, new ways to play, more abilities for the Survivors, and an overhauled multiplayer experience. Ahead of the official release, developers Hopoo Games have shared a brief look at the new, upcoming game mode called Providence Trials, where players will test their skills in multiple mini-challenges. In addition, the team has also announced that a new Survivor is being added to the Risk of Rain Returns roster, one that did not appear in the original game: the Artificer.

The Providence Trials are single-player mini-game challenges players can complete with their favorite Survivors. These trials will have players using a Survivor’s unique abilities on a custom stage. So far, there are set to be over 40 trials planned for players to work through in Risk of Rain Returns.

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In the Providence Trial shown for the Loader, Hopoo Games shared that players using this character would need to race against the clock to gain enough points by collecting coins scattered throughout the arena. The goal is to use the Loader’s unique mobile abilities to zip across the map before time runs out, and multiple enemies are attempting to make collecting these coins much more complex, such as Mushrooms and Swifts.

The Loader’s trial is one of many players can complete in the Providence Trial game mode. Players who own Risk of Rain Returns can work their way through them at any point in the game.

On top of this, the Hopoo Games team has announced that the Artificer, previously a character exclusively in Risk of Rain 2, will be making their way to Risk of Rain Returns. The Artificer is a unique Survivor choice for players to use in their campaign, where they can unleash massive damage but have extremely little to no defense, making them a high-risk and high-reward choice.

We still do not have a release date yet for Risk of Rain Returns, but hopefully, we can learn it when Hopoo Games shares official details in their next Developer Thoughts video when they unveil the newest Survivor joining the Risk of Rain Returns roster, who is brand new to the franchise.

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