Rhythm game Roteano sets anniversary update for next week

Roteano, the mobile rhythm game featuring rotation controls from X.D. Network Inc., will officially launch its anniversary update V1.9 on May 30th, 2023. The update will feature the new song pack “From Future”, a challenge event to tie into the anniversary soundtrack, Early Access song “Rush E”, discounts, and the chance to win up to 6,000 Stellar Gems.

Roteano is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and TapTap. You can watch the first anniversary trailer on the Dream Engine Games YouTube channel:

Roteano focuses on rotation controls for the rhythm genre, which is a very clever novelty that makes the most of its medium. There’s a better sense of immersion, action, and variety. It creates a very unique context for the songs you love, adding shape and even more verve to them.

The game’s musical selections have also continued to please fans, and fortunately, today’s anniversary trailer showcases a few brief glimpses of additions that will surely keep up the pace. Rush E was a particular highlight, which explains the Early Access release. It’ll be in the Main Story song pack, and players can unlock it with Traveller’s Badges.

The devs have generally done a decent job of supporting the game, as they regularly introduce quality content. They recently announced and released a big update last January. The limited time challenge event has some great choices, and for just over a week, players will be able to win Stellar Gems every day.

It seems very much that the devs are hoping to draw in new audiences for the first anniversary, and perhaps renew some interest, by making everything more accessible. All of the song packs and singles will be discounted, which is a bold move for any rhythm game, but should pay off.

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