Psychedelic Metroidvania ULTROS Set to Launch in 2024

In the coming year, players can anticipate a psychedelic metroidvania experience titled ULTROS. The game begins with the player awakening on The Sarcophagus, an immense, interstellar entity resembling a cosmic uterus that harbors an age-old demonic being, ULTROS. With their ship apparently wrecked, the player finds themselves caught in the infinite cycle of a black hole, necessitating a deep exploration of The Sarcophagus and its denizens to comprehend their role in this cosmic puzzle.

As the player navigates this enigmatic realm, they are faced with an existential conundrum: are they the one who will shatter this cycle, or can they somehow transform from a harbinger of destruction to an agent of rebirth?

ULTROS is steeped in the world of science fiction, presenting a rich, alien landscape brimming with life. The game distinguishes itself with an unconventional artistic style and an immersive soundtrack crafted by El Huervo, known for his contribution to Hotline Miami. Through its deep lore and environmental storytelling, ULTROS explores meta-themes of mental health, life, death, and the karmic cycle.

The world of ULTROS serves as a stage for intense, up-close combat against cosmic lifeforms. Each strike of the player’s blade is crucial, infusing a sense of urgency into the combat. However, this brutality starkly contrasts with moments of tranquility when the player nurtures plant life within The Sarcophagus. These peaceful interludes offer opportunities for contemplation and also provide deeper access to hidden paths.

ULTROS is embedded with a unique loop-based mechanic that invites players to replay key story moments, unearthing the world’s secrets, unlocking new world areas and abilities through a branching skill tree, and fine-tuning their unique combat style. Each loop promises to bring the player one step closer to the elusive truth hidden within the enigmatic world of ULTROS.

ULTROS launches in 2024 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. It can currently be wishlisted on Steam.

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