May 24 Patch for COD MW2 & Warzone 2 Addresses Many Bugs and Issues

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 have received their most recent update on May 24. The patch aims to rectify a variety of bugs and issues, including adjustments to user interface and user experience (UI/UX), multiplayer, Special Ops, Warzone 2.0, Battle Royale Ranked Play, and DMZ.

The UI/UX adjustments tackle overlapping issues with pick up weapon prompts and killfeeds. It also addresses a bug that interfered with the correct disappearance of tooltip messages. Some icon visibility issues, including that of the Throwing Star in the killfeed and the locked icon in Drop Zone, have also been rectified.

General bugs that affected various aspects of the games were fixed in the patch. Among these are tracking issues for Cronen Squall Mastery Challenges and Ranked Play wins, navigational issues within the Battle Pass, and incorrect redirects within the Store tab of the Loadout menu.

Within the multiplayer component, various fixes have been implemented to improve gameplay. One such fix addresses a problem that allowed zombie players in Infected to attack human players from the air. Other issues that were tackled include scoreboard overlaps, crashes related to bomb pickup in Cyber Attack, and problems exiting a private match in CDL Hardpoint.

For players venturing into Special Ops, a bug that hindered loading into cooperative missions after acquiring a Secure Backpack in DMZ has been fixed.

For Warzone 2.0, adjustments have been made to mitigate known disconnect issues in DMZ, along with addressing the frequency of Battle Royale final circles appearing over water. Performance-related issues affecting FPS at the start of matches and during loadout edits have also been addressed.

The Battle Royale Ranked Play mode saw adjustments to its ruleset, with the restriction of certain thermal optic attachments and killstreaks, like Cluster Mines and Bomb Drones. The skill rating (SR) for early placement milestones was also increased to provide a more rewarding experience for players. Moreover, global text chat has been restricted.

In DMZ, issues hindering navigation to View Profile from the Squad Missions in-game menu have been rectified. Also, bugs related to the Black Keycard in the Koschei Complex and various bosses have been addressed.

You can read the full list of changes over on the official COD patch notes page.

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