Marvel’s Midnight Suns finally spotlights Ghost Rider

Marvel’s Midnight Suns, 2K’s upcoming strategy game focused on supernatural superheroes, has finally released a new hero spotlight on Ghost Rider. Confirming it’ll be Robbie Reyes, and not Johnny Blaze, the new trailer shows off some of the abilities, voice lines, and animations to expect. You can watch the brief teaser on Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ YouTube channel here:

Ghost Rider remains one of the most unique superheroes in Marvel’s canon, a literal Spirit of Vengeance with a gritty biker’s look and attitude. Ghost Rider is perhaps best known for the mid-2000’s film, which was great cheesy fun as a Nicholas Cage vehicle, and it surely would’ve failed without him. It’s often a guilty pleasure despite the fair criticism.

However, Ghost Rider has most recently appeared on screen in the MCU’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, as car mechanic Roberto “Robbie” Reyes. The portrayal received decent fan responses, as one could hope for on the pre-Disney+ series. Reyes is a more accessible and grounded version of the character, thanks to his lifestyle in East Los.

Regardless of how you were introduced to the character, Ghost Rider just hasn’t been available in the gaming industry, period. It’s really odd, and hopefully this title encourages other devs to include him.

Ghost Rider has a potent mythology that’s compelling because of its ambiguity, attitude, and supernatural origins. He’s always seemed like one of the key reasons for Midnight Suns to exist, so it’s a little surprising that the devs waited this long.

But today’s trailer was definitely satisfying. The chains and vehicular action look great, and properly showed off his fiery abilities. The emphasis on his wheels hints at strong traversal, and it looks like he may play a kind of rogue-ish tank role, which would certainly be fitting.

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