Indie social sim Minabo sets Xbox port release date for June

Minabo, a cute indie social sim about the relationships and lives of turnips from developer DevilishGames, will officially be ported to Xbox consoles on June 2nd, 2023. Although the gens were not specified, Minabo already supports current and last-gen PlayStation consoles, so it is likely that an Xbox port would include the Xbox Series X|S.

Minabo is also available now on PC via Steam, and the Nintendo Switch. You can watch today’s new accolades and Xbox release date trailer on publisher Selecta Play’s YouTube channel:

Minabo might seem a little strange, given the contrast between its friendly art design and unexpectedly profound themes. However, the adorable world and characters of Minabo make some of the serious situations more accessible.

There’s a fundamental simplicity to Minabo, but the devs have used that foundation to elaborate with a stunning variety of events. It can be surprisingly easy to invest in this little game thanks to its sheer sincerity, boldness, and remarkable authenticity.

There are already plenty of social sims out there, which tend to concentrate on busywork, romance, and other key events in a mechanical way. Minabo spans an entire lifetime, and some comparable titles can too. But these devs chose to indulge smaller moments that are often overlooked, and even consequences of the like. The will to give the players’ lifetimes actual finality certainly adds a lot.

There’s still an overall sense of fun though, because everything looks and sounds very cute, and there’s a constant sense of discovery. If you want to browse alternate outcomes, the mechanics are kind enough to let players restart lives and go back in time.

The game has received praise, but remains a hidden gem, and hopefully the Xbox port will renew some interest. It would likely shine on the Xbox Game Pass.

You can read more about Minabo, Selecta Play, and other upcoming indie ports by checking out the rest of our news section.

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