How to upgrade Sacred Flasks in Elden Ring

Staying alive in Elden Ring can be tough, but if you upgrade your Sacred Flasks of Crimson Tears for your health and Cerulean Tears for your Focus Points, you’ll have a much easier time of things. The trouble is, Flask upgrade materials are few and far between, and the more you improve them, the more materials it takes to upgrade. Worse, if you want full-powered Flasks, you’ll need to complete almost the entire game. We’ll cover how to complete the process here.

How to upgrade your Sacred Flasks

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You can upgrade two aspects of your Sacred Flasks: how many charges they have and how much health or FP they restore. At most, you can have 14 total charges in your Flasks, split any way you want between Crimson and Cerulean Tears. They’ll be refreshed whenever you die or rest at a Site of Grace.

To upgrade your Flasks, you need two different materials. To increase the number of charges, you need to spend Golden Seeds, the locations of which you can find here. To reach maximum charges, you need 30 Golden Seeds total. You can choose to start Elden Ring with a single Seed as a Starting Gift, but the remaining ones you’ll find at small golden trees in almost all areas of the Lands Between (barring the optional Haligtree Legacy Dungeon).

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The other material you need to upgrade your Flasks — specifically how much health or FP they restore — is called Sacred Tears. These are much rarer, but thankfully you only need a single Tear for each upgrade. You will only find Sacred Tears in churches with Statues of Marika, but not every Marikan church has one. Here’s a complete list of Sacred Tear locations.

To finalize your Sacred Flask upgrade, rest at a Site of Grace and select Manage Flasks. You spend Golden Seeds through the “Add charge to flask” option and increase the amount of health/FP restored through the “Increase amount replenished by flasks.” There will also be a white circle marker next to one or both options should you be able to complete the upgrade.

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