How to tame a Bronto in Ark Survival Evolved

One of the most commonly recognized and famous dinosaurs in Ark: Survival Evolved is the Brontosaurus. Nicknamed the Bronto for the sake of brevity, they’re very hard to miss. Large, noisy, and a great way to end up smacked across the map, the Bronto is a core part of the game. The Bronto isn’t the most difficult of tames, but it does have a couple of things to keep in mind. That’s why in this guide, we’ll be looking at how to tame a Bronto in Ark: Survival Evolved.

What the Bronto does in Ark: Survival Evolved and where to find it

Brontos are not particularly aggressive or built for battle, but they can still inflict a lot of harm on humans or dinosaurs. Their main attack is a tail swipe, which can cause one-shot lower-level creatures, animals, and even structures. Simply stepping on things can also result in damage to them, usually on purpose when they’re angry but occasionally just by accident. The tail swipe has a long reach, deals more damage than its stomping attack, and will simultaneously launch you away, more often than not, to the bottom of a cliff to die. The Bronto has a lot of health as well.

You can find Brontos on all maps apart from Scorched Earth and Aberration. The Bronto, when equipped with a high armor saddle, Platform, or normal, is a turret-soaking wonder. It also can gather enough berries that many servers have crashed from a single tail swipe in a berry-covered area.

What you’ll need to tame a Bronto in Ark: Survival Evolved

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You’ll need to deal a lot of Torpor quickly, so it’s recommended to use higher-tier weapons. It’s also recommended to use only ranged weapons. To tame the Bronto, you’ll need the following items:

  • Longneck Rifle, Crossbow, Tek Bow
  • Tranquilizing darts, Tranquilizing Arrows, or Element Shards
  • Exceptional Kibble x 52 on a base 1x Taming Rate for a level 150 or Mejoberries.

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How to tame a Bronto in Ark: Survival Evolved

If you’re taming the Bronto, the best strategy to employ is a hit-and-run strategy with an emphasis on running. You can also assume the highest of grounds, as the Bronto is huge, and shoot them from there; however, that may not always be possible. Keep your distance if you’re on foot against this creature. You can outrun them if you have a few levels in Movement Speed and easily knock them out by firing every few steps before sprinting away again. Keep your eye out for any other dangers in the area, or you may unwittingly run right into them while focusing on the Bronto.

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