How to join and create clans in Diablo IV

A game like Diablo IV is best enjoyed with other players and friends, and the best way to get together and play with others is to join or create a clan. Clans can help you find new players to undertake quests and content and bring together players to work towards goals or to make new friends. If you want to join a clan to set up your own, you’ll want to know all the details on how it’s done. This guide will go over all you need to know about setting up or joining a clan.

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Joining and Creating a Clan in Diablo IV

Creating and joining a clan in Diablo IV is simple and can be done right from the beginning of the game. When you are in the game, press the N key, and you will open up the clan menu, showing you a large selection of clans already made by other players. If you want to join a clan from here or one you have searched for, you select the clan you want to join, and if the clan is open to members applying, you should see a “Join clan” option, then you are good to go.

If you want to create your own clan, you’ll want to click the “Create Clan” option at the bottom of the clan window. From here, you’ll need to input your clan name, which can be 24 characters long, and your clan tag, the abbreviation of your clan name that every player will see, which can be up to 6 characters long. Additionally, you can enter optional information such as a clan description to detail your clan goals and style, what languages the clan speaks or originates from, and labels, which will let players know what content your clan regularly does, such as events, dungeons, and quests. Clans can have up to 150 members; all the characters you create will be clan members by default.

There are a few settings you can play around with for your clan, such as its visibility in searches, setting it to private, and the internal messages, such as the message of the day to keep members informed, and your clan information, which could include social media links and other details on the clan. You can also promote and demote players to different ranks that will give them more rights in the clan, such as customizing the message of the day.

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On top of that, you can create and customize a Clan Heraldy, which is similar to banners in Diablo III but are for your whole clan. You can customize the shape and texture of the banner, the symbols you want on the banner, and its colors.

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