How to get the Mage Cap in Valheim

Although it might initially sound like a piece of sorcery gear, the Magecap is a Food-type item in Valheim that adventurers will need to gain and replenish their Eitr. For those unfamiliar, Eitr is a character stat that serves as a “mana-esque” attribute, enabling players to wield magic weapons. Similar to how a Nordic traveler should not explore Valheim without a full belly, your Staff of Embers or Staff of Frost lacks utility unless Eitr flows through your body. Accordingly, to get Magecaps, you will need to venture into the perilous late-game biome of the Mistlands.

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Finding and using Magecaps in Valheim

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If you open your in-game map, you can locate the Mistlands by hovering your mouse cursor over biomes with a dark, purplish hue and blotches of grayish violet across their landscapes. As its name suggests, the Mistlands is enveloped in a thick mist that can only be explored with a Wisplight, a firefly-like creature that can clear away the fog surrounding your position. To get a Wisplight, you must craft a Wisp Fountain using Silver Ore and Torn Spirit, a material dropped by Yagluth, the Boss of the Plains. Once you have a Wisplight and adequate armor, you should be set to search the Mistlands for Magecaps in Valheim.

Magecap Recipes on a Table in Valheim
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Like Carrot Seed plants or Mushrooms, Magecaps in Valheim spawn in random locations across the Mistlands. As a result, they might be easy or challenging to find, depending on your biome’s RNG. They appear as glowing bluish mushroom-style plants with three harvestable stalks. Once collected, you can use a Cultivator to farm Magecaps in the Mistlands as you would Barley or Carrots. Directly consuming Magecaps will provide you with a small amount of Eitr regeneration. However, you can enhance its base effects by cooking the resource’s recipes: Stuffed Mushrooms, the Mead Base for Minor Eitr, and Seeker Aspic.

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