How to get Counter Glove in Slap Battles [Da Maze Runner Badge]

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In Slap Battles, a Roblox game, players engage in chaotic slap fights using different gloves that possess unique abilities, including passive and activated effects. If you’re struggling to acquire the Counter Glove and Da Maze Runner Badge, this is the right place to seek assistance!

How to get the Counter Glove

To get the Counter Glove and the Da Maze Runner Badge in Slap Battles you need to follow these steps:

  1. Equip a glove that can move you around quickly. The Charge Glove is a good option for example, but whatever you have available will work.
  2. Head into a Normal Arena and locate the keypad, which is either behind the tree on Slapple Island or behind the Moyai Head/Tree on Moyai Island.
  3. Enter in the same code that was used for the Elude Glove. The formula is (Number of Players in Your Server) x 25 + 1100 – 7 = CODE. You can use the following solutions based on the number of players you currently have in the server.
    • 1 player: 1118
    • 2 players: 1143
    • 3 players: 1168
    • 4 players: 1193
    • 5 players: 1218
    • 6 players: 1243
    • 7 players: 1268
    • 8 players: 1293
    • 9 players: 1318
    • 10 players: 1343
    • 11 players: 1368
    • 12 players: 1393
    • 13 players: 1418
    • 14 players: 1443
  4. If you entered in the code correctly, you will be transported to a maze where you will need to locate a lever on the wall. When you find one, click it to trigger the next phase of the puzzle.
  5. You will now need to avoid PIM, who will chase after you through the maze. If you can evade capture for 3 minutes, you can obtain the Counter Glove.

Here’s a video demonstrating the method of obtaining the glove if you got lost:

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We hope this guide helped you on how to get the Counter Glove and Da Maze Runner Badge in the game. For more great content, head over ot the Slap Battles section of our website.

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