How To Fish, All Locations & Focused Fishing

Bungie brought fishing to Destiny 2 with Season of the Deep, and it’s proven to be a pastime that some players want to engage with more than any other activity. The relaxing nature of sitting back and waiting for a space fish to take the bait is unrivaled in this title. That’s why we’ve put together the complete fishing guide for Destiny 2, covering all fishing locations throughout the system, every fish players can catch, and all the rewards they can earn while waiting for a bite.

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All Fishing Locations in Destiny 2

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There are three Fishing Locations in Destiny 2, each of which was added with Season of the Deep. We’ve outlined where these fishing spots are alongside an exact map reference in the table below.

Fishing Location Name Fishing Location Map Reference
Fishing Spot: EDZ fishing-spot-edz-map-reference-destiny-2
Fishing Spot: Nessus fishing-spot-nessus-map-reference-in-destiny-2
Fishing Spot: Savathun’s Throne World fishing-spot-savathuns-throne-world-map-reference-in-destiny-2

How to Unlock Fishing in Destiny 2

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To unlock fishing in Destiny 2, players need to complete the first two main quests for Season of the Deep, including Into The Depths. Then, when they return to the HELM, they’ll be given a new quest called Gone Fishin’, which introduces the fishing activity.

How to Complete Gone Fishin’ in Destiny 2

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The first step of Gone Fishin’ requires players to collect 20 Bait. Patrols and Public Events are the best way to collect Bait and stay close to fishing spots, which is what we did for this quest step. Doing it on the EDZ makes completing the second step much easier. The second step is to catch five fish at the fishing spot in the EDZ. Players get a waypoint for the exact location, so they can mark it on the map and follow it to get their very first taste of the fishing activity. Catching five fish takes no time at all, and once the fifth fish has been caught, the third step will trigger.

The third step of Gone Fishin’ takes players to Nessus to catch five more fish, and the fourth step takes them to Savathun’s Throne World to catch yet another five. This is just as easy as before, and since players should have enough Bait from the first part of Gone Fishin’, there’s no need to grind for more. We completed a Patrol mission on every world to bulk up our Bait supplies and do a little extra fishing at the final location, but we didn’t manage to get many legendaries.

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The last step of Gone Fishin’ sees players return to the HELM to release their fish into the new area added with Season of the Deep. Then they can speak to Hawthorne to complete the quest and get 10 more pieces of Bait as a reward. This only further fueled our fishing addiction, and we’re unsure if we’ll be able to stop all season.

How to Catch Fish in Destiny 2

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To catch the best fish, players need to press the interaction button, square on PlayStation, as soon as they feel the controller vibrate or see the prompt appear on-screen. The faster players press this button, the better their chances of catching a rare fish. We managed to grab ourselves a legendary fish early on, but it’s very tricky to pull off. It’s impossible to catch anything above the common rarity without Bait, so players will need to ensure they have a good stock of Bait if they want to catch the rarest fish around.

What is Focused Fishing in Destiny 2?

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Focused Fishing is a buff that increases a player’s chances of catching legendary and exotic fish. The Focused Fishing meter will fill up on the left-hand side of the screen while players are fishing as they catch rare fish or fish with large groups of players. Each notch on the meter increases the chances of catching the rarest fish in Destiny 2. We found that the best place to get the highest Focused Fishing buff is the EDZ because that’s where all players head to when they first start to learn about the fishing activity.

All Fish in Destiny 2

There are a total of 28 fish to catch in Destiny 2, and players aren’t going to catch them all in a single sitting. We’ve outlined every fish it’s possible to catch in the table below alongside where we caught them to help guide anyone searching for that last catch to complete their collection.

Fish Name Where we Caught it
Empty Hook
This isn’t a fish, just the result of missing the button prompt to catch one.
At Least It’s a Carp
EDZ, Savathun’s Throne World
Lamian Lobster
Salvager’s Salmon

Will New Fishing Locations be Added to Destiny 2?

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At the time of writing, it’s unclear if any new Fishing Locations will be added to Destiny 2, or even if the activity will stick around after Season of the Deep. However, considering how popular fishing is as a pastime in video games such as Warframe, a similar MMO, there’s clearly an audience for it. This may mean that fishing sticks around for the foreseeable future and could become an even bigger part of the game.

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