How to find the crossbow in Sons of the Forest

The crossbow is one of the few weapons you can find while exploring the island in Sons of the Forest. It’s a far better item to use to hunt animals and fight monsters than the crafted bow you can make using a couple of sticks. The problem might be making sure you have enough cross bolts to use, so you’ll want to be careful with these shots. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the crossbow in Sons of the Forest.

Where to find the crossbow in Sons of the Forest

The crossbow is an item you can find well into the game. You’ll be able to locate it once you have several items and locate a missing keycard. The key item you will need to find is the rebreather, which is close to the crash site and where you start the game. Once you have that, head south, and you’ll need to find a Rope Gun inside a cave close to where you can find the 3D printer. After you have those two items, go to the closest GPS locator south of the crash site, and go inside the cave. You’ll find a shovel at the end of it, which will give you access to an underground bunker.

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Each location is swarming with mutants and cannibals, so we don’t recommend going to them immediately. Instead, focus on surviving for a few days, get some decent supplies, and slowly adventure away from the camp, steadily grabbing these items. Thankfully, the keycard you need is not too far from where you can find the shovel. It will be at the green GPS icon on your map. Dig at the site when you arrive, and as you venture into the underground bunker where you’ll find the maintenance keycard.

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At the next green GPS, the next stop is west of your current location. You can find a cave that leads into a bunker at this site, and your progress will be blocked by a door that requires a keycard. Use your keycard at this location, and you should find the crossbow on the ground next to a dead body on the other side. You should find it in the first room you enter, to the right of the final door.

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