Haiku the Robot Final Content Update ‘Obscure Information’ Launches May 31st

Haiku the Robot, the 2D adventure-exploration video game developed and published by Mister Morris Games, is preparing to release its final content update at the end of this month.

Initially released in April 2022 for PC via Steam, followed by a Nintendo Switch release in September 2022, Haiku the Robot has captivated players with its Metroidvania mechanics and GameBoy-inspired pixel art. Since its initial launch, the game has received several updates, including a free downloadable content.

Today, Mister Morris Games announced the upcoming launch of the final content update of Haiku the Robot, titled “Obscure Information,” on May 31st.

In Haiku the Robot, players will forge their own path through a vast interconnected world full of corrupt robots and machinery. It features a classic side-scrolling action with contemporary enhancements. As they battle fierce-looking machines, players will dodge, dash, and slash as well as challenge their skills and reflexes through tight melee combat and epic boss fights.

The Obscure Information DLC delivers exciting additions, including two new bosses, a new area, and overall improvements throughout the entire game. Beginning with this update, players will embark on a journey to a hidden area in Old Arcadia and uncover the ‘Trial of Steel’ through a challenging Boss Rush Mode that offers a new experience with revamped robots.

This content update also introduces a practice room where players can sharpen their skills against newly enhanced machines. Mister Morris Games noted that the new area will only be unlocked after defeating all the bosses in the game.

With the final update now on the horizon, fans have been hoping that a PlayStation and Xbox version of the game, as well as the physical edition for the Nintendo Switch, will be released in the future. However, Mister Morris Games has yet to confirm if these versions of Haiku the Robot will be available very soon.

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