Gravity Game Arise to Publish Video Game Adaptation of Illustrated Novel, Twilight Monk

Japanese video game publisher, Gravity Game Arise, has revealed today that they have signed a global publishing agreement with California-based indie developer Aquatic Moon Games for the game adaptation of Twilight Monk.

Trent Kaniuga, who has worked as a character designer and world-building concept artist on several popular titles from Blizzard, Riot, and Capcom, founded Aquatic Moon Games in 2012. Apart from working on some of the industry’s top games, he has also published novels, comics, and games based on his original works, such as “Creed,” “Twilight Monk,” and “Ikeda.”

Today, Gravity Game Arise made an announcement, confirming that they would be responsible for distributing Twilight Monk on multiple platforms worldwide. Gravity will also be in charge of fostering a strategic cooperative partnership with Aquatic Moon Games that will ensure the success of the Twilight Monk video game adaptation.

Originally published as an illustrated novel, Twilight Monk tells an epic, kung-fu fantasy adventure in an imaginative world. Twilight Monk Book 1 – Secrets of Kung Fulio, Twilight Monk Book 2 – Return of the Ancients, Twilight Monk, Book 1: The Shadow King, Twilight Monk, Book 2: Lost Dogs, and “World of Twilight Monk Volume 1” are the currently available books in the series.

The Twilight Monk video game adaptation will feature Metroidvania-designed dungeons, connected by an open world. In this game, players will take on the role of Raziel Tenza, the last descendant of a race of Demon Hunters, and decide the path of the story by either destroying or recruiting the powerful Darksprite foes.

As players explore the world of Twilight Monk, they will need to use a variety of tools to reach previously inaccessible areas and solve puzzles. They will also meet an unconventional cast of unusual characters, each with their own fascinating story.

The official release date for Twilight Monk has not yet been announced, but you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam to be alerted as soon as it is made available.

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