Fortnite Significantly Nerfs Grenades and Heavy Snipers in New Hotfix

Image: Epic Games

Epic Games’ popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite, has undergone a significant adjustment. A recent hotfix has brought about notable nerfs to two of the game’s weapons: the Grenade and the Heavy Sniper. The developer unveiled these changes via Twitter, noting that they would be monitoring gameplay data and community feedback for possible further adjustments.

These nerfs reduce both the player and structure damage dealt by the Grenade and the Heavy Sniper. Specifically, the Grenade’s player damage has been slashed from 100 to 40, while its structural damage has seen a drop from 375 to a mere 75. This significant reduction makes the Grenade far less potent as a tool for both attacking opponents and damaging structures.

The Heavy Sniper has also seen a drastic reduction in its building damage across all its rarity levels. The Rare variant has seen its damage to structures fall from 600 to 150. The Epic version has similarly experienced a drop from 630 to 158. The Legendary variant has had its structural damage diminished from 660 to 165, and the Mythic version now deals 173 build damage, down from 690.

These balance changes don’t only affect the main Battle Royale mode; they will also impact the game’s Creative and UEFN modes. Specifically, these modes will experience adjustments in the structure damage inflicted by the Heavy Sniper and Grenade, affecting islands currently employing these items.

The Fortnite community has responded quickly to these changes. Many players are questioning the utility of carrying Grenades now, given their substantially diminished efficacy. The Heavy Sniper, once widely used for its structure-destroying power, has seen its usefulness similarly curtailed.

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