Destiny 2 – Salvage and Deep Dive Key Uses & How to Get Them

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep brings two new seasonal activities for players to tackle, Salvage and Deep Dive. Each rewards players with seasonal loot and progression toward the Season Pass, but the loot drop rates are terrible for those that want to get every new Exotic. That’s why players need to get and use Salvage Keys and Deep Dive Keys. We’ve put together this guide to help all players get as many of these keys as possible and use them in the most efficient way possible.

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How to Get Salvage Keys and Deep Dive Keys in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep (Season 21)

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Players need to complete activities anywhere in Destiny 2 to get Salvage Keys and Deep Dive Keys. These items are part of a random loot pool and will drop at the end of anything, from Strikes, Crucible matches, and Raids, to seasonal activities such as Salvage and Deep Dive, or chests while on Patrol. Although the drop rate isn’t great from these activities, there are a few Salvage Keys and Deep Dive Keys in the Season Pass premium track, so all owners will get a few naturally as they rank up throughout Season of the Deep.

How to use Salvage Keys and Deep Dive Keys in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep (Season 21)

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Salvage Keys and Deep Dive Keys are used automatically in their respective activities when players open the chest at the end of them. Not only do these keys increase the rewards from these chests, boosting the reputation gained from 40 to 200, but the items players can pick up are improved too. The Engrams players will be awarded will decode into better gear and weapons, and there’s a better chance of an Exotic dropping.

To make the most of these keys, it’s better to save them until closer to the end of the season. This is when most players are at or close to the maximum Power Level, meaning they’ll be struggling to find the most powerful gear in Season of the Deep. By claiming Salvage and Deep Dive Keys at the end of the season, players can almost guarantee themselves incredibly powerful loot that will increase their Power Level. This will set them up nicely for the next season and ensure they can conquer any raid or dungeon.

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