Cube World Dev Reveals a New Game Version: Cube World Alpha

Cube World’s developer, Wollay, has announced a new version, Cube World Alpha. Cube World was first released in alpha on Picroma’s website on July 2, 2013. However, due to unforeseen circumstances including a DDoS attack on the game’s download server, the game was eventually withdrawn from repurchase.

The early stages of Cube World were marked by a period of quiet from Wollay, leading players to fear for the future of the game. Despite such concerns, Wollay reassured players multiple times that the game was still under development. Eventually, in September 2019, Wollay revealed that Cube World would officially release via Steam, and all alpha release purchasers would receive a Steam key at no extra cost.

As of now, it’s unclear whether Cube World Alpha represents an entirely new game or an update to the existing Cube World. If the former, it might provoke a mixed response from the current fan base, potentially causing discontent among those loyal to the original title.

Wollay, in his announcement, provided some insights into what players can expect from this new endeavor:

“Hi everybody, I’m currently working on a new version of Cube World. I chose the project title Cube World Omega as a reference to Cube World Alpha, because I’d like to develop it in the spirit of that version, but with a new engine and new features.”

One of the key upgrades in Cube World Alpha is a completely new graphics engine based on Vulkan. The new engine comes with enhanced environmental effects such as moving clouds, tree leaves rustling, water waves, and weather elements like rain and snow. Further, in colder areas, water can now freeze, offering a slick ice surface.

However, the most transformative change lies in the introduction of procedural models. In Cube World Alpha, every creature, including players, NPCs, and pets, will be procedurally generated, meaning each character will be unique, created entirely by an algorithm, without any hand-modeling. This enhancement also extends to in-game items like weapons and armor, adding an extra layer of diversity and individuality to the gameplay.

Another significant upgrade will be in the game’s GUI, with a complete overhaul expected. Moreover, Wollay plans to reintroduce experience, leveling, and skill trees in this version, amplifying the game’s RPG elements.

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