Cookie Run: Kingdom brings new Macaron Cookie and more in November 9 update

Cookie Run: Kingdom released a preview of their huge update on November 9, featuring B.A.D.4 content, Macaron Cookie, and the new Super Mayhem Season. This update will focus on the successful group B.A.D.4, some game changes, and bug fixes.

Cookie Run: Kingdom will release a new Epic Magic Cookie, Macaron Cookie. Macaron Cookie was first introduced on Cookie Run: Ovenbreak in 2017. She is preferred in the Middle position. Her skill is called Mighty Macaron Parade. She summons forth Macaron Animals to inflict DMG on nearby enemies. Moreover, her contagious enthusiasm will increase the ATK and CRIT% of her allies and restore HP. Afterward, she will gain a stack of the Happy Parade buff to heal her allies continuously. 

After the success of the villainous idol group B.A.D.4, Devsisters will release their Rhythm Stage. The Rhythm Stage “Bad and Dark” showcases B.A.D.4’s thrilling performance. A new season of Super Mayhem will begin called The Villainous B.A.D.4. The player can set up three teams with five Cookies per team and battle opponents. Reach the Super Mayhem Master Tier to obtain the Statue Carved by Sweat and Tears’ design. New costumes of the idol group will also be released, which are as follows:

  • (Epic) T.N.T. Schwarzwalder
  • (Epic) ZZ Skull Licorice Cookie
  • (Epic) MUSHY P. Poison Mushroom Cookie
  • (Epic) HellHound Red Velvet Cookie

A new Topping Storage will be released for the players’ convenience. The Topping Storage saves and loads the Topping Presets when needed. However, the Cookie must be Lvl. 30 or higher and have all 5 of their Topping Slots unlocked to be able to use the Topping Storage. 

The BTS Rhythm Stage will enter its new Master difficulty to the songs Dynamite, Butter, MIC Drop, Permission to Dance, Mikrokosmos, and Yet to Come stages. Finally, Werewolf Cookie will have his magic candy and his stats will increase accordingly as well as his skill. 

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