Coffee shop simulator Espresso Tycoon sets June release date for PC

Espresso Tycoon, an upcoming indie sim game about managing your own coffee shop from developer DreamWay Games and publisher PlayWay S.A., will officially launch on June 7th, 2023.

The announcement included a new gameplay overview trailer, which briefly explains shop customization, creating your own coffee recipes and latte art, training employees, and even watering your decorative plants. There will be both a campaign and sandbox mode.

Espresso Tycoon will be available on PC, and other supported platforms haven’t been confirmed. You can watch the new release date trailer on DreamWay Games’ YouTube channel:

Espresso Tycoon is almost certain to succeed on theme alone, as there are plenty of coffee enthusiasts. And for most, it’s a morning routine. Fortunately, Espresso Tycoon seems wise enough to capture some of the specifics of its theme, in addition to the obligatory genre mechanics.

Drawing your own latte art is an especially nice touch, and alongside tinkering with layers for new flavors, it could probably be a fun minigame on its own. Espresso Tycoon could have easily gotten lost in the management system, and overlooked the main hook.

Today’s trailer shows off a variety of shop locations, too. The highlight is surely the underwater coffee shop, which the devs revealed in a tweet just last week. It establishes more of an exotic tone that will help give Espresso Tycoon some intrigue.

According to the game’s official Steam page, there will be ten different locations and around a thousand decorations. There’s a balanced level of depth in Espresso Tycoon that should please fans of the genre. It isn’t too hung up on decor and customers.

Small details like adjusting the music of your shop and picking up supplies from a drone should help distinguish this one in a busy genre. There’s also a discord server to unite anticipating fans.

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