C-Smash VRS announces June 23 release, with a playable demo available today

Image: C-Smash VRS

C-Smash, the reimagining of the classic SEGA arcade game available exclusively on PlayStation VR2, has just released its demo version and announced that a full release is scheduled for June 2023.

As revealed in a recent PlayStation.Blog post, C-Smash demo version provides a glimpse at some of the exciting features of the game, including the epic Journey mode, sweat and joy-inducing Infinity mode, and a variety of Co-Op and Versus modes.

Upon loading up the demo version, players will be immediately transported into the minimalistic world of C-Smash VRS. The game is intended to be simple to learn and play. A brief Tutorial will be available at the beginning of the game to provide players with guidance and general playing tips.

The Training mode is also available in the C-Smash demo version but only gives a sample of the full release’s Journey mode. In this single-player mode, players must smash blocks of different strengths while attempting to improve their score. The arena is composed of a grid of pulsating and rippling dots. This is reflected in the hand and head vibrations, which allow players to feel the impact of a well-timed return and the ripple of a missed shot when the ball returns to serve

The Journey mode in the demo version is also playable in Co-Op with a friend. Those who have not yet played the game can join friends in multiplayer sessions by using PlayStation Activity Cards. Hop in the ‘Cosmic Shuttle’ with a friend and set off to play Clash, the demo’s fast-paced multiplayer VS mode.

C-Smash VRS can be played while seated or standing as the game adjusts players’ heights automatically to compensate for disadvantages and maintain Co-Op matches fair for all.

There are also more exciting features expected for the full version of C-Smash, including a 3D audio soundscape and fully using adaptive triggers. Players may enjoy all these features when the full game is released on June 23, 2023.

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