Bloxburg v.0.11.7 Update Log – Athletic Skill, Sprint, Gym Renovation

Bloxburg’s latest v.0.11.7 update delivers a complete revamp of its Athletic skill, elevating the game’s athletic dimension to new heights. This new feature now includes an expanded maximum level and enticing progression rewards, providing players with added incentive to develop their avatars’ physical prowess.

This update doesn’t stop at the Athletic skill; it also introduces the ability to sprint. This much-anticipated addition gives players a chance to navigate through Bloxburg’s virtual world with added speed, enhancing gameplay dynamics and making the in-game exploration more thrilling.

Bloxburg’s physical fitness received a much-needed makeover. The well-known Bloxburg Gym building has been thoughtfully renovated, ready to host more virtual fitness enthusiasts. These updates provide a more immersive workout experience for avatars, reinforcing the importance of athleticism within the Bloxburg realm.

New fitness, yoga, and meditation items have been added to the game, significantly broadening the range of physical activities available. The fresh assortment of fitness equipment, yoga mats, and other wellness-related items are set to bring a diversified sporting scene to Bloxburg, serving to enhance the overall game experience.

And if yoga and meditation don’t quite hit the mark, players can now engage in a friendly game of basketball. Usable basketballs and hoops have been included in the update, offering another exciting way for avatars to stay fit while interacting with their friends.

A selection of new food items, each accompanied by unique buffs, have been added. These updates enable players to virtually nourish their avatars, further amplifying the game’s focus on holistic wellbeing.

In terms of aesthetics, the game now boasts three new materials that players can utilize to decorate and personalize their virtual environments. Alongside these, the update also brings a set of new exercise animations and general animation improvements.

Here’s a look at the official details from the developers:

This sports update brings tons of new features and content, such as reworked athletic skill and the ability to sprint. There are also new fitness and yoga related items, plus basketball that you can play with your friends! And even better, one of the most requested things so far – a revamped building! Our chosen victim was the Bloxburg Gym, so get ready to flex those muscles!

Jump into Bloxburg today and check out the new update!


  • Overhauled Athletic skill, with higher max level and new progression rewards!
  • Added ability to sprint!
  • Renovated the Bloxburg Gym building.
  • Added new fitness, yoga, and meditation items.
  • Added usable basketballs and hoops.
  • Added new food items, some of which include unique buffs.
  • Added exercise animations and general animation improvements.
  • Added three new materials.
  • Major bug fixes.

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