Arizona Sunshine 2: Releasing to VR Platforms in 2023

Dusting off the shotgun and honing the machete, players will once again traverse the arid landscapes of post-apocalyptic Arizona in the forthcoming sequel, Arizona Sunshine 2. This thrilling follow-up to the widely-enjoyed virtual reality game brings an exciting new element to the story: a loyal canine companion named Buddy. The game has been announced for the PlayStation VR2 and Steam VR, and can now be wishlisted on both platforms.

As a direct continuation of its predecessor, Arizona Sunshine 2 embarks on an all-new adventure filled with challenges and discoveries. This time, players will experience the apocalypse alongside Buddy, a four-legged friend who assists in combat against the pesky Freds – the game’s antagonists. The story unfurls the journey of the protagonist and Buddy, exploring themes of solitude and desperation in their quest for a new purpose amid the desolate surroundings.

The game developers have harnessed the latest advancements in VR technology to present a truly immersive and action-packed gaming experience. Players can look forward to a cinematic VR journey that accentuates the thrill of survival. The gameplay involves physical combat, enabling players to utilize a diverse assortment of weapons, ranging from shotguns and machetes to flamethrowers.

In the world of Arizona Sunshine 2, players will encounter highly detailed, next-generation VR environments that amplify the sense of desolation. An upgraded mutilation and gore system has also been developed for the sequel, offering new ways to overcome Freds.

The game’s recently released trailer provides a sneak peek into the game’s narrative. It opens with a monologue from the protagonist, expressing guilt and remorse over past sins. The trailer then delves into the origin of his destructive tendencies, attributing them to his encounters with Freds. A central theme of the trailer is the protagonist’s newfound friendship with Buddy and their shared quest for survival in the harsh landscape. The narration, combined with a dynamic music score, creates an atmosphere of anticipation for the struggles and victories that lie ahead in the full game.

Arizona Sunshine 2, slated for release in 2023, promises more exciting features to be announced later this year.

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