Anime Adventures Magic Hunt Battle Pass + Witch City Event Update Log and Patch Notes

Roblox Anime Adventures has rolled out its latest update, introducing an array of new features and additions to enrich the gaming experience. The centerpiece of the update is a new battle pass, titled “Magic Hunt,” where players can add new units to their roster. By defeating enemies across various game modes, players can progress through the battle pass, collecting the fresh in-game rewards along the way.

Additionally, the developers have ushered in a unique event, “Witch City.” This event spins a narrative around witches infiltrating Witch City. Players can embark on this new adventure by forming a pact with the character Kyubyu, who then guides them through portals to the witch-occupied city. The goal is to recruit allies, vanquish the witches, and uncover the truth about wish fulfillment, enhancing the immersive gaming experience.

Further adding to the game’s appeal are new limited-time banner and event units. Players can learn more about these units by interacting with Kyubyu in the game lobby. The game also sees the introduction of a new portal replay mechanic, where the host can now select a different portal from the same group for replay, allowing for more varied gameplay.

To streamline combat, the update introduces a feature where active attacks can be automatically triggered when off cooldown. This change can potentially make gameplay more fluid and enable more strategic combat scenarios. A new emote is also available for purchase in the trophy shop, adding to the communication and interaction options within the game.

To expand trade possibilities within the game, certain units are now eligible for trade, including Ria (and her Devil Princess variant), Kuneko (and her Hell-Cat variant), and Akena (and her Fallen Angel variant). The inclusion of these units in the trade list broadens players’ options in gameplay strategies and team compositions.

In terms of new enemy types, the game introduces Armored enemies, which take reduced damage from Full AOE attacks, presenting players with a new challenge and necessitating strategic adjustments.

Lastly, the update features balance changes for more equal competition, adjusting the statistics of Mochi and Mochi Charlot to align more closely with those of Emili. These tweaks are likely to have an impact on players’ battle strategies and the dynamics of gameplay.

If you’re in need of some free stuff you can head to our Anime Adventures Codes page! Here’s a look at the patch notes that were released via the official Discord:

  • New Battle Pass: Magic Hunt!
    • A new battle pass has released, along with new units to collect! Progress through the battle pass by taking down enemies in any game mode!
  • New Event: Witch City!
    • Witches have invaded Witch City! Form a contract with Kyubyu and enter the portals to save Witch City! Recruit allies along the way and uncover the truth behind what it means to make your wish come true…
  • New Battlepass and rewards! Take down enemies in any mode to progress!
  • New Limited-Time Banner and Event Units!
  • Speak with Kyubyu in the lobby for more information!
  • New Portal Replay Mechanic!
  • Portal host can now select another Portal from the same group to replay!
  • Auto-activate Active Attacks!
  • Active Attacks can be automatically triggered when off cooldown!
  • New emote in trophy shop!
  • Units that are now tradable:
    • Ria and Ria (Devil Princess)
    • Kuneko and Kuneko (Hell-Cat)
    • Akena and Akena (Fallen Angel)
  • New enemy type: Armor
  • Armored enemies take less damage from Full AOE attacks
  • Balance changes:
    • Mochi and Mochi Charlot stats changed slightly to match Emili

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