Fox News producer tried to get Jeanine Pirro muzzled for her Big Lie ‘conspiracy’ lies

According to NPR, an email from a producer has surfaced during the discovery phase of Dominion’s lawsuit against Fox News that warned others Pirro had to be kept off the air as she was throwing every conspiracy theory she could find at the audience. According to NPR, the producer reportedly pleaded for Pirro to be taken off of hosting duties. As Dominion Voting Systems’ complaint against Fox News details, there were a ton of reasons why anyone who understands what the definition of defamation is would want to mute Pirro.

That same day, Rupert Murdoch’s The Wall Street Journal once again stated that the accusations against Dominion were false and that the Georgia recount had confirmed the accuracy of Dominion’s machines. On November 21, 2020, the day after Fox received Dominion’s letter, Fox went right back on the attack against Dominion, with Pirro repeating and amplifying Giuliani’s never-made-in-litigation claims that Dominion was an “organized criminal enterprise” “started in Venezuela with Cuban money” that could and did “flip[] votes” “with the assistance of Smartmatic software,” thus creating the “stunning” ballot “dump[s]” in the early morning of November 4 that “fill[ed] in” votes for Biden. In order to drive home the lies about Dominion, Pirro rhetorically asked, “why was there an overnight popping of the vote tabulation that cannot be explained for Biden?”

The right-wing-o-sphere of the country, both its media and its political leadership, is a cauldron of bigotry and fear and corruption and narcissism. When that gets roiling, it isn’t cream that rises to the top—it’s scum like Pirro. Pirro’s political career was sidetracked after her “influential Republican businessman” husband Albert was convicted of “conspiracy and tax evasion.” Like Trump and Giuliani, she was a corrupt failure of a rich person, someone who abused their positions of power and then found a second life as a tough-on-crime, no-bullshit bullshit artist with a 1970s New York accent. Since then she has spewed racism, sexism, Islamophobia, the threats of violence and embodied the general unpleasant hypocrisy of the GOP.

Pirro likely just wants to break into that WASP-poster world.

Fox News was not the only right-wing propaganda machine involved in the massive onslaught of mis- and disinformation surrounding the results of the 2020 election. Places like OAN and Sinclair Broadcasting were also quick to put on every Tom, Dick, and Harry willing to promise vague proof that the election had been stolen. In every single one of those cases, those Toms and Dicks and Harrys all provided easily debunked and mostly bad-faith arguments for how the Big Lie was perpetrated.

As a result, all of those outlets have been either threatened with lawsuits or have been sued by not only Dominion Voting Systems, but Florida-based Smartmatic, which sued for billions in damages. And while Fox News has somewhat fallen out of favor with Trump after having been the outlet to call Arizona for Biden—throwing a ginormous wrench into Trump’s plan to steal the election—Trump’s allegiance and reliance on the soggy brain trust that is Fox News hosts is well attested to by those on the inside.


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