Forza Horizon 5 Series 12 Autumn playlist – How to solve Dune Buggy Treasure Hunt, rewards, and more

Autumn is continuing to cool down the competition in Forza Horizon 5, but the season isn’t over yet. A new list of challenges has appeared with Series 12 for players to tackle. This guide will explain what you have to do to complete the Series 12 Autumn playlist in Forza Horizon 5.

All Forza Horizon 5 Series 12 Autumn playlist challenges

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#Forzathon Weekly Challenges

  • Own and drive the 1970 Volkswagen #1107 Desert Dingo Racing Stock Bug
  • Win a Dirt Race in #1107 VW Bug without any upgrades
  • Earn six stars in total from Trailblazers while in the #1107 VW Bug
  • Take a photo of the #1107 VW Bug

Complete all four and you will get five points, along with 80 Forzathon points.

#Forzathon Daily Challenges

  • Visit the Horizon Baja Festival Outpost
  • Jump at least 500ft (152m.) in any Unlimited Offroad vehicle
  • Earn at least two stars in the Cascadas Trailblazer in the 1970 International Scout 800A
  • Win a Cross Country event in any vehicle from the Pickups & 4x4s category
  • Earn 3 Kangaroo Skill combos
  • Earn 100,000 Skill Score in any six-wheeled vehicle
  • Win Costera Cross Country Circuit in a Sports Utility Vehicle

A new challenge unlocks every day. Players will receive one point and 10 Forzathon Shop points for each of them they complete.

Weekly Race Challenges

  • Horizon Arcade Mini Games – Complete any Horizon Arcade theme (reward is 3 pts.)
  • Complete “Cross Country Sports” event in The Trial (need to make the Hall of Fame in order to unlock – rewards are 10 pts. and Alumi Craft C.10)
  • Complete Seasonal Playground Games (rewards are Puebla Mexican Suit and 3 pts.)
  • Complete Danger Sign Cascadas challenge (rewards are a Super Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Complete Speed Trap Cordillera challenge (rewards are a Super Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Complete Trail Blazer The Juggernaut (rewards are a Super Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Complete three Seasonal Championships (rewards are Bentley Bentayga, Toyota FJ40, Cherokee ’14, and 5 pts. each (15 pts. in total))

Weekly Challenges

  • Treasure Hunt – Complete the Dune Buggy Treasure Hunt (rewards are 3 pts. and 100 Forzathon points)
  • Photo Challenge – Photograph the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT at the Horizon Baja Outpost (rewards are Dial Up Modem car horn and 2 pts)
  • The Eliminator – Finish 30th or better (rewards the “Mwahahahaha” Forza Link phrase)

Monthly Challenges

  • Monthly Rivals – Complete a clean lap in Bola Ocho Circuit (rewards are 4 pts.)
  • Forza EV (Emerald Circuit) – Post a clean lap to complete (reward is 4 pts.)

Hot Wheels Events

  • Complete the Hammer’s Shadow Speed Trap – Must reach Elite Rank in Hot Wheels Academy to unlock (rewards are Super Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Complete On Orange Alert Seasonal Championship – Must reach Elite Rank in Hot Wheels Academy to unlock (rewards are Chevrolet ZR2 and 5 pts.)

20 points are needed for the Audi RS 7 ’21 and 40 points will grant you the Toyota 4Runner.

This challenge will end on September 28, so tackle as many events as possible before this series ends.

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