Princess Charlotte looks near identical to late Queen with ‘steely’ look

Following King Charles’ coronation, royal watchers were beside themselves with joy over Princess Kate and her eight-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte’s matching outfits, but the Princess of Wales isn’t the only royal that Princess Charlotte bears a striking resemblance to.

In an unearthed photo of Queen Elizabeth II, fans of the royal family couldn’t believe how similar the mini royal looks to her late great-grandmother in a side-by-side comparison photo.

In the near identical photos, Princess Charlotte and the late monarch look over their shoulders, directing a steely gaze towards the camera. “I’ve always said Princess Charlotte was the image of the Queen… it’s in the look of determination,” one commented, while another added: “I always said it/ Little princess is her great grandmom’s image.”

Another agreed that Princess Charlotte seems determined, writing: “Princess Charlotte is the one that you won’t want to mess with. She has her great-grandmother’s head, her grandmother’s heart and her mother’s looks and courage but her own personality.”

Other Charlotte fans lamented that she’d make a fantastic monarch. “I wish she was firstborn. How amazing a queen she would be!” one wrote, while another wondered: “I wonder if Princess Charlotte might become Queen if Prince George decides it’s not for him.”

The comments alighted a discussion among social media users, with one asking why it was suggested Prince George might abdicate, with another replying: “It’s just a gut feeling. He is so like the late Queen’s father and very uncomfortable in the spotlight.

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“Perhaps he will decide to lead a private life as an adult and hand the role to his sister Princess Charlotte who is already showing a steely determination like HM the Queen, even at only eight years old.”

Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth II are remarkably similar

Princess Charlotte proved herself to be a strong personality during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

Charlotte and her older brother George were filmed exchanging words as they waited for her majesty’s coffin to be placed onto the royal hearse, and Charlotte can clearly be seen saying: “You need to bow” to George, who appears to be listening to his sister intently. Watch the charming moment below…

WATCH: Princess Charlotte tells Prince George to bow

Prince George did indeed bow as the coffin passed the pair, and viewers took to Twitter to praise the sweet exchange between the brother and sister.

One person wrote: “They can add levity to the most solemn of moments. Her telling her older brother what to do, is just cute,” while another person added: “I’m pleased they have each other to lean on for support and will look back on this in future glad they took part in it together.”

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